Save the Dog ... Save the World

Save the Dog ... Save the World

When I was young, we always had a dog, just one dog. As I have gotten a bit older, I have dogs, not one but currently three. It seems many people I know have small packs of dogs, still a lot of people with just one but many have packs. All of our dogs are rescues, I could not even imagine going any buying a dog from a pet store. I think this may be more of an awareness thing. We can get news instantly from just about anywhere and let’s face it, when you hear about dogs and cats that are homeless and wandering the streets it’s pretty sad, and having big hearts we take them into our homes and make them a part of our family. We have all seen pictures of starving dogs and I always think that the dog would rather starve than dig in someone’s garbage to try to find some food. Maybe the world has changed a bit with the information age. We are all much more aware of lost pets with local Social Media notifying everyone in a neighborhood if a pet is lost or if a stray is found.

 We started our Abbey n Jordan website only a couple of months ago, this is not a surprise thing for us as we have always been dog lovers. Recently we decided to donate a portion of our profits from our business to no-kill shelters.  We added it to our website and Facebook page as well. It’s a commitment to try to save more pets from being killed in shelters. It seems ironic to me that a place called an animal shelter would kill anything, it’s name says it’s a shelter! Our thoughts are that if we can help contribute to no-kill shelters there will be fewer pets killed and more hopefully adopted. While our business has not made any money yet, our goal is to donate 5% of our net profits. We want to help save animals. To this end we will make a donation this year to a no-kill shelter. It won’t be a huge donation but it will be something and we hope it can help our cause of saving lives.

 Before we decided in this effort, I had looked at some of the statistics on shelters and the numbers involved. Unfortunately they are not that easy to come by. Many are scattered as there is no official compilation on the numbers that I have been able to find. I have seen numbers that state a dog or cat is put down every 3 seconds to every 7 seconds, either way it’s pretty horrific. According to the ASPCA -  there are about 1,500,000 dogs and cats killed each year at shelters or euthanized if you prefer the word. The breakdown is 670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats. They state this has declined from 2011 when there were 2.6 million killed. I read another set of numbers from the Washington Post that said in 2014 some 7.6 million animals entered shelters with about 2.7 million of them being destroyed. From a dog or cat point of view it’s genocide.

But it now seems that things are getting better in the animal kingdom with fewer pets being killed each year, in fact Michigan and Delaware are now No-Kill States meaning they save 90 percent  or more of the animals that come to them each year. Other states are on the opposite side of the spectrum with my state – Texas being one of the worst. 

We do have some animal shelters in Texas that are no kill, in fact the City of Austin, TX. City Council in 2010 unanimously passed a no kill implementation plan with a goal of saving 90% or more of the animals that come into their shelters. They state that 10 years ago 15,000 cats were euthanized each year, now it is less than 1000 and it’s limited to animals that are either a danger to humans or are medically suffering. They also instituted an agreement with Emancipet to provide free or low cost spay and neuter service. In fact, their plan has 34 recommendations to help animals be saved and hopefully adopted. For 5 years they earned the title of Most Lifesaving City in America and regularly have visits from communities that want to see how Austin has become the largest no kill city in America. If you would like to see the details of their plans you can check out their web page at

 In January 2018 the City of Los Angeles announced that they have achieved their goal of becoming a no kill city. They started on this goal back in 2012 their save rate was 57.2% and as of 2018 it was 92.4% for dogs and 81.3% for cats. Now I’m not a genius math prodigy but when I see numbers like that I can only think I’m either not seeing the latest numbers or they simply add them together to achieve the 90% goal. Absolutely incredible achievement nevertheless. 

The city of Los Angeles was able to do this assistance from Best Friends Animal Society. Here is the link to the Los Angeles  Mayor’s announcement -

 Now if you have never heard of Best Friends Animal Society, I encourage you to check them out. They run the largest no kill animal shelter for homeless animals in the country with approximately 1700 animals at their base in Utah. They are very proactive in helping to save animals all over the US. Their web site even encourages people to take a vacation at their facility in Utah. Talk about great ideas to help make the place work. On their website there is information on how to adopt animals from them as well as arranging transportation. They are active in my area helping animal shelters in Houston, TX. You can check out their web site at

This is the link to their animal sanctuary -

 I would also encourage anyone and everyone to google “animal shelter near me” to see locations where you can adopt an animal shelter dog, cat or even kittens or puppies, they have many dog breeds and they all need homes, volunteers are always welcome.

 Anyway, I have rattled on enough on this topic, hopefully you have a bit better of an understanding of our business as well as some of the efforts at no kill shelters in the US.

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  • Pattie Abbott

    I am so glad to hear that there are people trying to hel all these little critters that are not being loved and cared for. I donate every month to a rescue shelter. Been doing it for a few years now. I am now trying to rescue stray cats and kitties in my neighborhood in nebraska city Nebraska. I love s imals big and small. I have rescued a lot of baby kittens and got them into foster care ad have been spaying and neutering I continue to care for them with food and shelter.they are all sweet and I wished I could find them forever loving homes. Need help with that. Don’t like it when weather gets bad. But I will keep trying to care for them. Till a miracle happens. I am 73 yes old but I won’t give up on them.

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