Abby n Jordan

Abby and Jordan

Abby (the darker one) and Jordan (white colored) were a pair of Labrador Retrievers. Jordan was Abby's mom.  Jordan was an incredible dog and started life looking like a little snowball, she was really a member of our family. She would seem to know what you wanted and bring it to you, TV Remotes, notebooks, even the morning paper from the front walkway.
Abby on the other hand got her gene’s from her father’s side of the family. One day she got tangled up in a chain in the yard and stopped breathing. After getting her free I performed “mouth to snout” on her and she came back, but we think she lost a few brain cells in the ordeal. One of her favorite things was running around in the yard and then running in the back door full speed and would slide right into the wall – every time.
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